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Personal Project: West By God Scenes

Dolly Sods Wilderness, Seneca Rocks, and Blackwater Falls. Three iconic West Virginia landscapes that are simply breathtaking in person.

I’ve been working on a landscape series for some time as a personal project. My vision for these photos was to show these places in a different way. I’m a fan of high contrast, primarily dark images with crunchy blacks. I’m happy to have finally launched a print series on Etsy. It’s called West By God Scenes.

Sold as a set or individually, they come printed on metallic, matted on crisp white, and framed in an elegant black gallery frame with non-glare glass.  I’m really excited to finally have these out in the world. I hope they’ll bring a little West Virginia beauty to people’s spaces.

You can check them out for yourself by going to the MarcSeeryPhotography shop on Etsy. If you like, please share.

Headshots and their Importance for Career Opportunities


Headshots Collage
Marc Seery Photography Headshots

Check out these photos above. Crisp lighting, clean backgrounds, and great expressions. Now, take a moment to review your profile photos.  If I did a Google search for your name, found your Facebook profile, or glanced at your LinkedIn page, what would I see? Is the photo that you’re using out in the world going to attract the people that are looking to hire you? Even if you have nice profile photos, are they best in the eyes of recruiters? If you’re still using that photo from a decade ago that was made under harsh light, with an iPhone 3G, we need to get you to the studio for headshots on the double. In this article, I want to tell you about professional headshots and why they’re important to your career opportunities.


So, what is a headshot, anyway?

Definition: A headshot is a photo of an individual, frequently constrained, but not always, to the head and shoulders. Sounds a lot like a portrait, right? There is a distinction. Think of a headshot as a natural representation of a person. That isn’t to say that there isn’t style or creativity in a headshot. It’s no passport photo, that’s for sure. However, portraiture tends to show an individual and tell a bit of story. Oftentimes, a portrait expands beyond the headshot frame. It could be your whole body and your body language. Maybe it also shows the environment. Perhaps the photo includes your loved ones. It’s a fine but distinct line that exists mainly for how the photo will be applied. In this case, we’re discussing headshots that will help to land you a job. The headshot is all about you.


Modern-day Recruiting

Stacks of resumes on a recruiter’s desk don’t cut it in 2017. It didn’t in 2016, 2015, 2014… but I digress. With the advent of career-finding and professional social media platform, recruiting is whole different ball game. Recruiters love LinkedIn. A strong profile on a professional social media platform, including an eye catching profile photo, is critical to stand out among thousands and thousands of candidates.

So why do “looks” have a part in the qualifications game? Think of it this way; a great headshot shows that you’re serious about your career hunt and your level of professionalism. Let’s face it, that photo of you at the family picnic is great, but a professionally made photo of you, in your career appropriate attire, will stand out to recruiters. Additionally, a photo helps to create connection. It’s a natural human interaction to pique the interest of an individual. It’s worth the money to put your best face forward.


Headshots And Your Socials

LinkedIn is the site that people normally think of first when it comes to professional networking and the job hunt. Jobvite’s Recruiter Nation Survey for 2016 finds that 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn and about 55% use Facebook. From my research, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Google+ are on the list of platforms that you should keep in-shape. When you’re on the job hunt, why limit your options?

Aside from LinkedIn, personal social media profiles aside (although, be careful not to neglect your content and privacy settings,) many people now maintain additional profiles or pages to showcase their work. Think of this as keeping your beach photos on Instagram separate from your professional conference trip on which you snagged a few dozen photos of your experience. Are you an artist, photographer? Promoting your work separately as a portfolio is greatly beneficial to people looking to reach out. Better make sure your headshot looks great to those folks as well.


Going For The Right Look

Now, what look do you need to achieve? Here’s where you get to have some fun. Go for a look that fits you, your style, and your personality. Consider your audience. Are you seeking a medical or scientific position? Maybe, a clean white lab coat would be appropriate. Are you a corporate professional? Don your best business attire. Just make sure to have your outfit in tip-top shape. There is a catch. Sometimes that which you’d wear to perform your actual job isn’t going to make you look your best. Keep that in mind and consider your options to ensure that your attire is complimentary.

Consider having your hair and makeup done. Many photographers can have these professionals in the studio with additional costs. Finally, make sure you’re rested, cool, calm, and collected. Make sure that the resulting headshot is honest. Recruiters want to see you. You on your best day of course but authenticity is key.


Time To Put Your Best Face Forward

Are you ready to have your headshots made? If you’re in the Morgantown area, I hope you contact Marc Seery Photography. The important thing is that you choose a photographer that has the ability to create a photo for the look that you want. Be sure to look at a photographer’s portfolio, whether on a company website, social media platform, photo sharing site, or a book. Make sure that his or her creative style aligns with the look you wish to present.

Now that you’re armed with info about the importance of headshots for career opportunities, get that photo taken, update your professional and personal socials, and land that dream job.

Automotive Feature: Ruby Racing Talon TSi

Drag Racing is a hell of a sport. Blood, sweat, and tears go into the cars that these race teams and drivers build. The Summer track days can be hot; fire suits and helmets aren’t the most comfortable in 90 degree weather. Windows up, no AC. The adrenaline rush from those several seconds down the track is worth it all.

Today’s feature is the Ruby Racing Eagle Talon TSi. Dave Ruby, RIX Racing, and his team have built one hell of a track machine. The car performed flawlessly at this year’s Buschur Racing DSM, EVO, GT-R Shootout. Running well after midnight with excellent weather and track conditions, Dave brought home the first place trophy. Number one out of the top 32 qualifiers in his class.

A Fresh New Palette

The marcseery.com website and blog got facelifts this week. The past several months have been hectic. That’s no complaint. Having a ton of work that I love to do is a blessing. I have been plucking away at the website re-redesign. It was time to freshen things up. Just in time for Summer and to kick off an upcoming headshot promotion… and it’s full of responsive goodness for all screen sizes.


4 Wide Top Fuel Goes Boom

Definitely an exciting weekend at the NHRA 4-Wide Nationals in Charlotte, NC.

Still getting caught up from the weekend out of town but started dumping the cards tonight. Here’s a favorite from the weekend.

CH3NO2 goes boom!

Top Fuel Explosion
Top Fuel Explosion

Ponce de León Hall

Here’s an image that I shot just inside of the gates to the courtyard of Ponce de León Hall. Originally built as an exclusive luxury hotel by millionaire developer Henry M. Flagler, it is now part of Flagler College. It’s simply gorgeous. I’ve posted some photos recently of coquina. The building was the first of its kind to be constructed using poured concrete with local coquina as a component. The building is of the Spanish Renaissance style and was architected by John Carrère and Thomas Hastings. I suggest reading up on the history of original Ponce de León Hotel.

Ponce de León Hall

Flagler College Architectural Detail

Flagler College Architectural Detail 1

Flagler College, a private liberal arts college, in St. Augustine, FL is chock-full of architectural design intricacies. John Carrere and Thomas Hastings designed Ponce de Leon Hall, built around 1888, as a luxury hotel. The image above is part of the main gates to the courtyard in front of the complex. I’ll post a wider shot of the hall from inside the courtyard in an upcoming post in this series from my St. Augustine trip. Stay tuned.