Automotive Feature: Ruby Racing Talon TSi

Drag Racing is a hell of a sport. Blood, sweat, and tears go into the cars that these race teams and drivers build. The Summer track days can be hot; fire suits and helmets aren’t the most comfortable in 90 degree weather. Windows up, no AC. The adrenaline rush from those several seconds down the track is worth it all.

Today’s feature is the Ruby Racing Eagle Talon TSi. Dave Ruby, RIX Racing, and his team have built one hell of a track machine. The car performed flawlessly at this year’s Buschur Racing DSM, EVO, GT-R Shootout. Running well after midnight with excellent weather and track conditions, Dave brought home the first place trophy. Number one out of the top 32 qualifiers in his class.

A Fresh New Palette

The website and blog got facelifts this week. The past several months have been hectic. That’s no complaint. Having a ton of work that I love to do is a blessing. I have been plucking away at the website re-redesign. It was time to freshen things up. Just in time for Summer and to kick off an upcoming headshot promotion… and it’s full of responsive goodness for all screen sizes.


4 Wide Top Fuel Goes Boom

Definitely an exciting weekend at the NHRA 4-Wide Nationals in Charlotte, NC.

Still getting caught up from the weekend out of town but started dumping the cards tonight. Here’s a favorite from the weekend.

CH3NO2 goes boom!

Top Fuel Explosion
Top Fuel Explosion

Ponce de León Hall

Here’s an image that I shot just inside of the gates to the courtyard of Ponce de León Hall. Originally built as an exclusive luxury hotel by millionaire developer Henry M. Flagler, it is now part of Flagler College. It’s simply gorgeous. I’ve posted some photos recently of coquina. The building was the first of its kind to be constructed using poured concrete with local coquina as a component. The building is of the Spanish Renaissance style and was architected by John Carrère and Thomas Hastings. I suggest reading up on the history of original Ponce de León Hotel.

Ponce de León Hall

Flagler College Architectural Detail

Flagler College Architectural Detail 1

Flagler College, a private liberal arts college, in St. Augustine, FL is chock-full of architectural design intricacies. John Carrere and Thomas Hastings designed Ponce de Leon Hall, built around 1888, as a luxury hotel. The image above is part of the main gates to the courtyard in front of the complex. I’ll post a wider shot of the hall from inside the courtyard in an upcoming post in this series from my St. Augustine trip. Stay tuned.

Medici Lion in St. Augustine, Florida

Medici Lion

Here’s another photo from a walk around Old Town with my parents. This is one of the original Carrara marble Medici lions that’s perched on the Old Town end of the bridge. The original bridge spanning the Matanzas Bay was opened in 1927. It connects downtown St. Augustine with Anastasia Island.

After the original bridge, as well as a temporary bridge were demolished, the new bridge opened in 2010. My Uncle was one of the few lucky ones to first cross the new bridge at the ribbon cutting ceremony on opening day. The bridge is a really pretty component of such a beautiful area.

The lions were a gift from Dr. Andrew Anderson. He’s known for putting artwork in public places around St. A. Even though St. Augustine is known for heavy Spanish influence, he had the lions made by Romanelli Studios in Florence, Italy.

Coquina in St. Augustine, FL


Ever heard of coquina? This type of rock is made of various size pieces of shells and other invertebrates. It was quarried and used as building material all over St. Augustine hundreds of years ago. Most of the buildings in old town and the walls of the Castillo de San Marcos are made of coquina. It was essential in the fort and city walls as it would basically absorb cannonballs rather than shatter. These are a few of my shots from wandering around during my visit to St. A. back in July.



2014 NEPG Sandlapper Enduro

It’s finally race season. I’m really happy to be out shooting again after what seems like a very, very long Winter. This past weekend I traveled with the crew from Outlaw Motorsports of Morgantown, WV. We hit the road for the NEPG Sandlapper Enduro in Salley, SC with two trucks loaded with gear and dirt bikes. Check out a selection of shots below from the pits, the tests, and some new graphics on the Team Outlaw bikes.

William "Cody" Ruckle at the 2014 Sandlapper Enduro in Salley, SC
William “Cody” Ruckle at the 2014 Sandlapper Enduro in Salley, SC