NECXC 2013 Race 1

Brrrr. That’s what I have to say about today. Imagine being on a motorcycle for 2 hours in the freezing Pennsylvania weather, racing through the woods! I spent the day with Team Outlaw shooting the first race for the New East Coast XC series. This was a fun one. Lots and lots of mud without all the rain. There’s even a little bit of snow sprinkled in a few shots.

The way the wooded parts of the track were cut, there was a good bit of low hanging brush. This made shooting a bit interesting but if you were a spectator, that’s how you’d see it. I even heard a few mentions of scratched helmets; nothing a little wax won’t cure. Shots from these races can get really repetitive if you don’t access a lot of different spots. I was able to get to a few. Certainly made it to more than possible at an enduro. Here are some of my personal favorites without being too, too repetitive. Enjoy. –M

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