NEPG Foggy Mountain National Enduro

Well, there’s nothing foggy about Foggy Mountain. I got to travel to Blain, PA in the mountains outside of Harrisburg for a NEPG AMA/Rekluse National Enduro Series cross-country dirt bike race. The weather was hot, humid, and not foggy. Maybe that’s a different time of the year. I was traveling in the Team Outlaw chase vehicle and snagged some shots at one of the areas in which the brush wasn’t too thick to wade through. Here are a few of my favorites even though they’re all from the same spot.

Some of the shots include pro class riders Grant Baylor, Ian Blythe, Kyle McDonal, Paddy Holloway, WV’s own Thad Duvall, Ryder Lafferty, and Nick Davis. From Morgantown, WV, Cody Ruckle, Ryan Inmon, Andy Thorn, and Be Thorn.


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